Sunday, June 24, 2012

We've Moved!

Well, virtually anyway. Our web site has been split from our SharePoint project management site and received a facelift in the process. What started out as a 1-2 week project turned into a five month ordeal.

When Triage was started we had everything under one roof in our SharePoint site which functioned as our public company site, blog and client project site. We now have many channels that serve to both inform the public as well as serve our clients needs even better. These channels include:
  • Our Company Website - Completely redesigned and updated to reflect all we have to offer at Triage
  • This Blog - Moved to it's own sub-domain with far better ability to handle newer web technologies and media options. (SharePoint is really limited in it's blogging abilities)
  • Our YouTube Channel - Our media was getting a bit scattered. This gives us a single source for any instructional or commentary videos.
  • Our SharePoint Project Management Site - Upgraded to SharePoint 2010, this was a bit of a trade-off that we felt was really worth doing. The new version of SharePoint has much tighter integration with MS Office as well as a new modern ribbon tool bar. Unfortunately the old SPS application templates as well as many of the "Fabulous Forty" templates don't work in the new version.
  • Our eCommerce Site - Formerly just a private test site, our Big Commerce site is now public and serves double duty as a fully functional eCommerce site as well as a test bed.
"What, no Facebook?" you ask. Nope, but I'll get on that soap box in another post :)

Hope you like what we've done and remember: Stay Organized!

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